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Being a mom is very hard yet rewarding work! I applaud the moms that can look fabulous while getting the job done. Every week I am going to highlight a “Hot Mom”. I define a Hot Mom as a mother that takes care of her children and still handles her business. Looking fabulous while doing it is the cherry on top. 😉

Like Beyonce says in Run The World…

Strong enough to bear the children. Then get back to business.

This weeks Hot Mom is Fabiana Ferrarini. I asked her some questions about her motherhood experience and here is what she said.

How old are you?


Where are you from?
Born in Elizabeth NJ, Lived in Honduras but raised in Philly !

How old are your kids?

I have two amazing, funny, handsome, loving boys. Enrique is ten , and Josiah is 5.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
Being a mom is simply amazing, by far my favorite thing about being Fabiana. It’s truly God’s biggest blessing and creation. It’s always fascinating to see how our bodies change, and how we are capable of carrying life. Being a mom is no easy task, I think it’s about the only job that does not come with any instructions which is totally a benefit. I am able to raise my children with my amazing husband in a way that they can grow up with values, to grow up loving and knowing about Jesus and overall build them to be strong, loving, hardworking young men. That’s my favorite part, having a clean slate to prepare them to be an example for the future.

What has been your funniest moment being a mom thus far?

As a mom of two, funny moments come around often. My boys are pretty outgoing. They love to dance super funny and crazy, make jokes and scare mommy lol I think the funniest moment I can remember recently was waking Josiah up for school. He is not a morning person and would much rather sleep in. Every morning is a routine to wake him up meaning mommy has to be super energize to get him up. I remember telling him, “Josiah don’t be so cranky, you should be so happy that God woke you up this morning.” And he’s respond was so genuine, “But momma, I didn’t ask him to wake me up. I still wanted to sleep.” – by far one of the funniest mornings.

I know you’re a Boss Mama! Any businesses you want to tell us about?

I just launched my very own fitness app, Fit with Fabi. The app has all the tools you need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. One of things I am excited about is that it allows me to connect with all my Queens regardless of where they are. It’s like being trained by me which is phenomenal because I am able to reach women that are across the state or somewhere in Dubai, Korea or Australia. I provide tools to help with nutrition, fitness, the support they need to keep them motivated with a private community group, webinars discussing topics from nutrition, fitness, beauty, children and family, self-caring and many more. This app truly embodies what being healthy and fit is about. It’s not just about working out, or eating healthy, it’s about changing from the inside out and learning to love and celebrate those changes one day at a time!

The app is free to download on the apple and google play store.

Check out this Hot Mama! You can follow Fabiana on Instagram @fabiana_ferrarini. Here are some great pictures of Fabiana and her family.

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