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ICELAND!! What an amazingly beautiful place! This was our first vacation without the baby. Oh man, we missed her so much but I wasn’t as bad as I thought I would’ve been lol.  My mom watched her and kept us updated with daily pics and videos, so it made it easier 😉 Mama definitely did get some dranks! All vacation, Pumping and Dumping. We flew there on Iceland Air and was on a red eye from JFK. It was perfect because we got to sleep and we landed at 6am, leaving the whole day for activities. We booked all of our excursions before we got there, which helped us spend our time wisely and get to do everything we wanted to do. We stayed at the 101 Hotel, which was very swanky! The food in the hotel was sooo good too.

I took soooo many awesome photos, so I will take you all on a photo tour of our trip. Enjoy our photos 😉

***Exploring through the city of Reykjavik***

Hallgrimskirkja, Local Bars, 101 Hotel, Reykjavik Harbour, Local Cafes, Yellow Lighthouse


***Black Sand Beach, Atlantshafshryggurinn (Mid Atlantic Ridge), Reykjaneskerfid (The Reykjanes Fissure Swarm), Reykjanesviti Lighthouse, Random pictures from stops in our car***

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

***Blue Lagoon and LAVA restaurant (my favorite thing to do was the Lagoon)***

We got to the Lagoon around 3pm, after we toured some other sites.  We first ate at LAVA restaurant, then we got in the water.  The restaurant was really delicious.  We chose the Premium package at the Lagoon, which includes a free drink, mud mask, white robe, slippers and a few other perks. The water is the most magical blue I have ever seen. It’s crazy because its about 30 degrees outside and the water is a little over 100 degrees. We stayed at the Lagoon until closing and it was truly amazing! If you go, I recommend purchasing a water proof phone cover before you get there. We ordered ours from Amazon and they were $7 each.  They are perfect to have so you can go in the water with your phones.  The silica in the water will damage your lens and phone screens.

***Snowmobiling through Glaciers***

They told us to bundle up! It was dumb cold!! After snowmobiling, we went to an Ice Cream shop in the mountains and got fresh ice cream.  They had cows there pumping milk, which was used to make the fresh ice cream. DELISH!! I felt like those cows, because I was pumping the whole time there lol #BreastFeedingMomLife

***Northern Lights***

This and the Blue Lagoon were the two main reasons we wanted to visit Iceland.  We had a tour scheduled for Monday but it was cancelled due to poor weather.  In order to see the Northern Lights, the skies need to be completely clear. We couldn’t see them on Tuesday because we were at the Blue Lagoon.  Finally, on Wednesday night we were able to see them!! We drove for over an hour to get to the perfect spot to see them and was outside for about 3 hours.  It was super cold but so worth it. They are beautiful. We were told they may be disappearing over the next few years.  So happy we got to see them!

***Helicopter ride to Reykjavik Summit***

This was so sweet! We flew to a mountain top and drank champagne! How freakin cool is that!


My boots were perfect for this trip.  Check them out!




This trip was perfect! I would highly recommend going there to see all the beauty of Iceland!


  1. / 9:42 am

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for taking us on a tour of Iceland. I wouldn’t have thought to visit Iceland because I hate the cold but I definitely wanna go now especially to the blue lagoon!!

    • Mel
      / 4:27 pm

      Thank you!!! It was definitely a great trip!! Blue Lagoon is really magical.

  2. Vonetta Drakes
    / 10:36 am

    Such awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mel
      / 4:27 pm

      Thank you !!!

  3. Chanel R
    / 2:12 pm

    Hey!! I really enjoyed this blog post! I will be traveling with my friend to Iceland for her birthday at the end of November. Did you guys rent your own car? And if so, how was it driving on the roads? I was wondering if it would be better to rent a car or use the transportation provided by the excursions.

    • Mel
      / 2:18 pm

      Hi!! We did not rent a car because we didn’t want to have to worry about finding parking and not know what the street signs meant lol. We took taxis, transportation provided by the excursions and we rented a private car one day to take us around. The roads are totally fine – regular streets. Enjoy your trip!!

  4. Chanel R
    / 3:01 pm

    Okay perfect! Thank you! Do you remember the name of the company for the private car driver? Also, what company did you book through for the northern lights? I saw one on Expedia but I’m not sure if they are all equally as good lol

    • Mel
      / 4:47 pm

      So sorry, I do not remember. We booked everything through our hotel.

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