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I was slacking and missed the first day of the release for the Victoria Beckham Collection for Target.  A friend of mine text me and I was like damn I probably missed everything.  Just as I thought, when I got to my local Target most of the good stuff was gone.  All that was left were plus sizes and a few (and I mean fewwww) cute items for AnnDrew.  When I first heard she was coming out with a mommy and me line, I was excited.  If you have been following me, you know I love a good matching mommy and me number lol.  The line includes fun designs and prints. I really like the scallops and textures.  I got AnnDrew a super cute outfit, but she will have to grow into it.  Maybe I will get lucky at another target or Online!!  Below the pictures are links you can use to purchase the items directly.

Here is the outfit I bought for AnnDrew.  How cute is it?!!

Here are some cute items from the collection.  You can purchase directly from the links below.

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