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Tired is an understatement right now! I could use one of those naps where you think you are going to lay down for only 30 minutes then you fall into a deep stupor and wake up 13 hours later confused lol. AnnDrew and I got up this morning at 5am, got dressed, packed up the car then headed to D.C. I had an early meeting and had to go look at a potential venue for my next Mompreneurs: Mamas in Business event. Rewind the tapes to a few days ago… I was on the D.C. City Center website, and saw from March 13 through April 16, hundreds of pink lanterns were going to adorn Palmer alley.  This was the fourth consecutive year CityCenterDC was showing their support for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. When I saw that, I knew we HAD to go. Then I realized my meeting date was April 17th and I was bummed because I thought we were going to miss it by one freakin day. After my meeting was over, something told me to drive by City Center just in case. Once we pulled up, I saw a tiny glimpse of the pink lanterns and got hype.  We hopped out the car and went to go see them.  AnnDrew had her head leaned back all the way and was just staring at them.  Her new thing is to say “cool”, so while she was staring she kept saying, “Cool, cool”.  We took some cute pics just in time.  It started to rain AND someone began to take the lanterns down.  We only spent a few minutes there, but it was worth it.

We left there and went to go meet one of my best friends, Janise. Y’all remember me mentioning her in my last D.C. post, right? Anyway, we met her at Casa Luca for lunch. Just when lunch was almost over, I heard the staff singing happy birthday. I just thought to myself it was someone’s birthday, until I heard them getting closer.  I turned around and they were singing to MEEEEE! Now let me tell you a little bit about moi…I LOVES MY BIRTHDAY! It’s the best day of the year, if you ask me.  Anyway, back to the story…  So, Janise surprised me with a cake from Milk. It was really good and I think AnnDrew knew it was going to be good. She was eyeing my cake and positioned herself right in front of it.  IT’S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY GIRL! lol (technically it wasn’t my birthday either but its closer to mine haha)

We had a good time.  Enjoy some of our pics and outfit deets from the day.

PS- we were twinning!


AnnDrew’s Outfit Deets

She had Gap Eyelet Flutter Dress in blue and white.  Click the link to see all of the color options.

My dress is a bit older, but I got it from Zara.  My sandals are from Target, below are similar styles (Not similar prices lol) My bag is Givenchy.

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