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Do you ever see some items and think they are just so cute, but you know you have no need for them? Or you see something you want but don’t want to spend YOUR money on it lol. Like if it was given to you as a gift, it would be perfect! Or some things are just too expensive and you’re just staring at it whispering, “Help me I’m poor”! LOL Well, I have felt all of those things haha. I saw some cute things earlier today while online browsing and compiled a list of some wishlist items. The name wishlist is so perfect because you WISH all of the items magically appear in your closet lmao. People make wish lists for a number of reasons:

  • They are complete fashionistas and love designer/fancy items and want to be able to locate items easier later on when they are ready to buy
  • They want to manifest things they desire that may not be in their budget
  • They are an easy way to let people know what they want for their birthday or Christmas lol
  • They may just admire certain items and they get inspiration from them

No matter what the reason is why you make them, at the end of the day it’s always fun to window shop. I have Riri’s new red lipstick on my list but I did just receive it as a gift and was HYPE!! I cannot wait to try it out and I will share my review with you guys. The items on this list are mixed with highs and lows. Check out some of these items below and let me know what some of your wishlist items are in the comments.

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