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A girl’s trip in Italy is always needed and always a good time! We recently got back from an amazing trip – 5 days in Italy and we saw so much! It was myself, my mom and my two daughters on the trip. It was a great trip to bring my daughters on. They were able to experience a new culture and they wore cute matching outfits each day 🙂

This post is all about 5 days in Italy.

Ok, so you narrowed down Italy as your travel destination. The top question is where do you and your girls go. Luckily, I have visited many cities and will lay out some different options for you. You can check out my last post on my 2019 trip to Italy.

The beauty of Italy is in its variety of landscapes and cultures from the top to the bottom of the country. Italy is the best place for a girl’s trip because it can cater to so many different types of people.

Below is our itinerary from our trip. For a deeper look into our trip, make sure to watch our Vlog + subscribe to our channel.


We decided to stay in Rome and take day trips to visit different cities. We booked our fast trains via Italia Rail. Once we landed, we unpacked and got our stuff together. We visited the Colosseum after we got settled in. What was cool was that we sat at the same table in the same restaurant that I did in 2019. If you want to grab some lunch with a nice view of the colosseum, then you should definitely check out either Royal Art Café or Oppio Caffe. They are both directly across the street from the colosseum and have the best views!

After visiting the Colosseum, we walked around the city and got some gelato. We were super tired from our flight, so we just called it a night so we can prepare for the next day.

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I was really excited about visiting Venice, so we could ride on the gondola lol. We booked a fast train to get there and left on the first train out of Rome. Once we arrived, you can see how beautiful the city is! The architecture, the gondolas and the scenery is so gorgeous. Because we had my daughters, a stroller and a baby bag – the gondola would’ve been pretty tight. We opted to take a water taxi around the water and it was the way better choice. The water taxis are beautiful and so much roomier. We were able to leave my daughter sleeping in her stroller and carry it on the taxi. There is an enclosed section of the water taxi, so we left her in that area sleeping peacefully while we were out taking photos and videos. We told the driver that we wanted to just ride in the boat for a while and then he just told us the price. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to visit while walking around. 

While in Venice, we visited:

St Mark’s Basilica

Doge’s Palace

Rialto Bridge

St Mark’s Square

Grand Canal

Bridge of Sighs

It was all so gorgeous!! Wow, if you love beautiful scenery and history – Venice is for you! It was so amazing to just sit in the boat, relax and ride. We left on the second to last train out and went back to our room to prepare for the next day.

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For our third day, we took another fast train to visit Milan. When we arrived, the first stop was Duomo. We loved taking some cute family photos outside of the cathedral and then we went inside to soak it all in. We went to lunch at Motta, which is in the same square as Duomo. After lunch, we did a little shopping and explored the city a lot.

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I was MOST excited about visiting Amalfi + Positano. I visited the coast in 2019, so I knew what we were in store for. It is simply breathtaking there and one of my favorite places to be. The Amalfi Coast is located in the province of Salerno, in the Campania region of Italy. It’s situated between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its picturesque seaside towns, cliffs, and beaches. It’s known for its stunning coastline and colorful villages with steep and narrow streets. Many towns along the Amalfi Coast have a rich historical legacy with important sights of historical and artistic value. Lemons are grown in terraced gardens along the entire Amalfi coast. As a result, the Amalfi Coast is also famous for its production of limoncello liqueur. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 13 stunning seaside towns are located on the Amalfi Coast.

While in Amalfi, we visited the beach and went to eat at Sensi.

There are ferries that take you between Salerno, Amalfi and Positano and a one-way costs about 10 euros. After staying in Amalfi for a while, we got on the ferry and went to Positano.

I loveee Positano. Just being there makes me happy. The first thing we had to go, was go to my fave spot there, Chez Black. I love the service, the food and the staff are all great!! While in Positano, you also have to Rada Ristorante. Don’t leave without getting some limoncello.

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For our last day, we wanted to make sure we were back in Rome and wanted to have a chill day. We started the day by visiting the Vatican. My mom wanted to make sure we saw that and the Sistene Chapel. After leaving the Vatican museum, we went to Soho House. I was really excited to go because I haven’t visited the Rome House. I knew they had a rooftop pool and my daughters loved to spend the last day having fun in the pool. We stayed at the house for a while and then walked around Rome for a while. We ended the day going to see the Trevi Fountain.

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Annie’s outfit is sold out, unfortunately.

If you are looking for a great girl’s trip then Italy is for you!! Make sure you check out my vlog and subscribe to our channel!

This post was all about 5 days in Italy.

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