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Some of the best parts of the evening are winding down, taking a nice steamy shower and throwing on a pair of sexy/comfortable pajamas. It does not have to be a special occasion or an intimate night with your boo to throw on sexy sleepwear. Although we all look forward to the intimate nights and getting sexy for our significant other, it’s also nice to feel confident in a pair for ourselves.  In this blog post, you will find a list of affordable sexy sleepwear brands to shop for your next intimate night in. Or for a night of self-care in your favorite pajamas. 

This post is all about affordable sexy sleepwear.

Sexy Lace

When you think of “sexy” sleepwear, the first thing that probably comes to mind is lace detailing. Lace oozes sex appeal, brings out confidence, and looks nice on different body types. Lace pajamas are the best kind to wear to sleep with your significant other. You’ll definitely love feeling sexy as you wake up. Especially while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea first thing when you wake up if you wear lace pajamas to sleep. There are so many affordable sexy sleepwear options when it comes to lace.

Sometimes it is nice to spice things up a bit and ditch the oversized t-shirts and random shorts to sleep. Lace pajamas that are pink and red are great for Valentine’s day, but can also boost your mood by wearing color to sleep. I think it is safe to say that black lace affordable sleepwear is the sexiest ones around. There are lace sets that you can buy as well which is usually how they are sold. Sometimes, you can easily find a robe to go along with the pajama set to create a whole look. I'm listing a few pairs of affordable lace pajamas. 

Kat the Label has feminine designs with the option to be hidden or exposed- whichever you feel the most comfortable with. Each garment is designed to lace you in confidence. Check out a few pieces from the brand for under $100! 


Silk pajamas are both comfortable and chic. They are a great sexy sleepwear choice for nights in with your girls, drinking wine, watching Netflix, and catching up. They are easy to wear and naturally feel comfortable on the body. Some prefer to buy their silk pajamas oversized for a more comfortable feel. There are also different types of silk sleepwear to choose from, such as button-ups, silk dresses, silk tank tops, and short or pant sets. The funny thing about silk pajamas, they can actually be worn as “fashion.” Meaning, with a whole outfit paired with a chic designer bag and a pair of heels. 

However, for the sake of this blog post, we are talking about the affordable sexy sleepwear actually being worn as pajamas. Although it never hurts to think of multiple ways to wear our pieces. The most decorative silk pajamas come in animal print, bright and fun colors and some have feather details. Here are some sexy and fun silk pajama options for your next girls time. 


Floral prints and femininity go hand in hand! The light and airy print is calming and can help to put your mind at ease at night. There are many brands that have floral collections to choose a shop that come in both satin and cotton patterns. For a more sexy sleepwear vibe, the best choice would be satin floral prints or course and for more of a chill vibe, the best option would be cotton. They also come in bright and dark colors along with a variety of different styles. If you are ever feeling daring, there is always the option to wear actual floral lingerie to bed such as lingerie bodysuits and two-piece bra and panty sets.


If you plan on getting married anytime soon, treat yourself to a nice lingerie sexy sleepwear set along with a satin robe for a sexy first newlywed night’s rest with extra action on the side! If you know what I mean. That time is the best time to go all out for one another, so why not start off your new life together as a married couple with a bang. You may even choose to add some of your favorite body shimmer and squirt of perfume and light a fresh candle to set the mood. 

First, there are a few floral sleepwear sets in both satin and cotton material. The last few pajama set options are newlywed options for soon-to-be brides! Some nice brands that sell bridal pajamas are Lulu’s, Only Hearts, and Flora Nikrooz. 

Risque with Sheer

Sexy sheer sleepwear is probably the sexiest of them all. Especially if you are planning a romantic night with your significant other. Sheer sleepwear can be worn whenever you feel like wearing them, every day is a special occasion therefore do not wait for it to be Valentine’s Day or your or your significant other’s birthday to bring out your sex appeal. Most sheer pieces show private body parts, hence the reason you should wear them for yourself and your significant other. If you prefer to keep most of your body covered, which is perfectly fine the best option would be to buy some satin sleepwear that are just as sexy! Satin pajamas happen to cover more of the body. Sheer lingerie pajama tops can always be paired with satin bottoms if you ever feel less risque and prefer for your bottom half to be more covered. 

No matter which pajama type you choose, it is important for us women to feel empowered and confident. Affordable sexy sleepwear can help with just that, they can help us feel more confident in our own skin along with simply embracing our femininity. There is so much power in being a woman and believe it or not,  through sleepwear you can channel the most feminine energy, even if it is to go to sleep! Especially with two-piece sets, they are not only very flattering and cute on our bodies but they can help with our minds as well.


Cohesive sets can help you feel aligned since they are an actual set and help you wake up feeling more prepared and put together from waking up in an actual cohesive set compared to a big shirt and shorts to sleep. Believe it or not, the way that we go to sleep which includes our appearance, our wind-down routines, skincare, and more can determine the way that we wake up the next day. Remember to treat yourself every now and then, we deserve it. 

Which type of affordable sexy sleepwear will you treat yourself to? 

This post was all about affordable sexy sleepwear.

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