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Fall trends are coming in hot and it’s time to update our wardrobes. In this blog post, there will be multiple steps/ways to update your closet with some of the hottest fashion trends today. As always remember that trends are trends and you can always add your own twist to whatever trend sparks your interest. Personal style is always key. Okay, let’s get into these steps and update our closets! 

This post is about ways to update your closet with top fashion trends.

Reevaluate your closet

First things first…reevaluate your closet. What does that mean you might ask? Well, take inventory of the pieces that you have and the pieces that are missing. Maybe you are missing key pieces that can complete an outfit, such as a moto jacket, a black bodysuit, or a pair of quality denim jeans. It is important to know what we have and what we don’t so that we can fill in the gaps to create a cohesive closet that is usable. Also, reevaluating your closet will help you to spend less to update your closet. You will be able to figure out what you would like to buy without overbuying. At the end of the day, there really isn’t a need to re-buy pieces that we already own, especially if the quality is still intact. Here are a few ways to reevaluate before beginning to update your closet: 

  • Create a list in the “Notes” app on your phone. This will help to figure out the pieces that you need to buy when you go to the mall, shop online, or thrift 
  • Create a physical list in a notebook. Some prefer to write a physical list over creating a digital list 
  • Take photos of pieces that you would like to replace, this will help you to visualize what you have left to buy to update your closet 

Check Instagram, Pinterest and online for upcoming trends

This is the best step and the most fun! It’s the creative part that brings your vision of an updated closet with your favorite fashion trends to life. You may start this process by creating a folder on Instagram with your favorite trends from your Explore page or saving pictures of your favorite content creator's looks for inspiration. Also, you can take things a step further and create a mood board based on pictures of trends that you love in magazines or an online Pinterest mood board. It is important to see what trends you like and to visually see them beside other trends, to simply see if they are your vibe or not. This technique is also helpful to be able to get your ideas and likes organized, sometimes looking at trends can be overwhelming. Take it step by step and remember just because you see a trend going viral on Tiktok or Instagram does not mean it has to be for you. Be true to yourself and what your likes and dislikes are. This helps to eliminate confusion and helps you to shop with intention. 

Start with basic trends first

As mentioned before, trends will forever come and go. Just as quickly as they are hot, they can become a thing of the past just as fast! However, there are basics that you can look for within fashion trends to use to update your closet. For example, if the trend is metallic sparkly bags, go for a silver or black sparkly bag versus a neon sparkly bag.  A neon sparkly bag most likely won’t be carried as much when the trend is no longer a trend as it would if the bag were a basic color such as black.  Having a basic foundation is key to a cohesive yet stylish and trendy closet. Some basic trends include white tank crop tops, black combat boots, black moto jackets, etc. A fashion trend that will forever be a staple piece is an oversized button-down shirt, if you don’t own one already, here are a few options to shop:  

Looking for fashion trends and designer pieces

Remember, you do not have to break the bank to find your favorite fashion trends and designer pieces to upgrade your closet. The key is second-hand pieces from thrift stores, finding a similar bag, and keeping up with sales! We all love retail platforms such as  Farfetch and SSENSE, but they can be a bit pricey at times. If you keep a look out for their private sales you can often luck up on some of the best designer pieces. Also, if you keep up with content creators, they may also have discount codes for their followers to use. ThredUp is one of the biggest online thrift stores to shop unique pieces from some of your favorite brands. ThredUp is easy to navigate and all you have to do is search for brands and particular pieces that you are looking for. There are many search options such as gently worn, new with tags, etc to choose from to find the hidden thrift gems. Thrifting is a great way to keep up with trends but to also be mindful of cost per wear at the same time. ThredUp is not one of the biggest online thrift stores for no reason! All of these options will definitely help to update your closet.

Finding similar bags is another great way to make sure that you are shopping with intention and not breaking your pockets while adding fashion trends to your closet. Not every piece in your closet has to be designer, look-a-likes are a great way to keep up with trends without the high price tag. If you believe that the trend is worth the money and you find a designer piece, then go for it! If not, a similar one will get the job done. 

Lastly, here are some quick tips:

  • Shop on Amazon for dupes for a reasonable price 
  • Have a budget for yourself when shopping for trends
  • Invest in trends that are timeless, ones that you can use and wear in multiple ways 

Purge and Donate

Now to bring everything full circle, you should not bring in the new without getting rid of the old. Purge, purge, and more purging, it is so important! Especially for those pieces that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. Donating, selling, and giving away your clothes is a great way to make room for new pieces. When your space is clear it is easier to be intentional about what you need to update your closet and to be overall more organized. 

Here is a list of Fall trends to look for this season: 

  • Baggy denim and Cargos 
  • Leather jackets 
  • Punk prep (Pleated skirts, crop button-downs, etc) 
  • Bomber jackets 
  • White tank and blue jean formula 
  • Trenches 
  • Square loafers 
  • Head-to-toe leather
  • Corsets 

When you are in need of a closet revamp with your favorite fashion trends refer back to this blog post. Trends and fashion go hand in hand but personal style can never be taken away from you, tap into what you love and what makes you feel good. 

Which trend are you going for first? When will you update your closet? 

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