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Born to fly

When you log onto Facebook and see you are tagged 3 times to a video, you know its got to be something good.  I watched the video and OMG I fell in love with this new invention.  BORN TO FLY BABY! It is a carry on suitcase that doubles as a stroller. UM, YES!! As much as we travel, this is a must for us! I think this is perfect for the traveling parents.  I know a major complaint is that strollers get dirty or damaged when they are gate checked. You would never have to worry about that happening with this. I was googling like a mad woman trying to find the site that sells this.  I found the item on Kickstarter.  CLICK HERE to check it out. If you want to go to their website directly, CLICK HERE. I saw that this item is not currently being sold. They still have 35 more days left on their Kickstarter campaign.

So what do you get? Your Born to Fly Baby essential baby travel system contains:

Spacious carry-on flight & weekender case with built-in (and removable) compact reclining city stroller with rear and front facing push (1&2)
The stroller component is suitable for a newborn baby to 3-4 years (or a maximum of 17kgs) (1&2)
The stroller component includes a removable and breathable infant head, neck and shoulder support (3)
Once the stroller component is removed from the case, it becomes a safe 5 point strap in floor seat for baby to use at your destination (2)
A portable change purse that stores diapers, bags and wipes for those icky situations on the road (4)
A USB port travel charger so you never go offline (unless you want to) (5)
A dirty laundry organiser for that inevitable baby poop mayhem! (6)

born to fly

How Awesome is this! I will keep you all updated when this product becomes available.  I will definitely be purchasing this.

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