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I recently came back from a quick getaway that was much needed. Y’all know I am a swimsuit collector, so I wanted to share the swimwear I wore on vacation. A few of the swimsuits, I sell on my Melanie Marie website. When I am swimsuit shopping, I love to look for swimsuits that have nice colors, great shape and overall comfort. I love when I find a really cute and nice quality swimsuit and its nice and cheap! That makes it even better 😉 The swimsuits I am sharing below all fit that description.

Bandeau Bikini

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I love this swimsuit because the scrunching is really cute. I like that you can raise the straps on the bottoms to give your shape a more flattering look. Also, instead of tying both straps in the back, you can raise the top straps and tie them around your neck.

Khaki & Black Monokini

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This swimsuit has two cute elements to  it that I love! I love e the opening in the center and I love the tassels on the side.

Red Leopard Monikini

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This swimsuit is super sexy and got a lot of compliments. I love the wrap around tie around the waist and the colors!

Enjoy some pics from my trip below…

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  1. Jamise Jones
    January 18, 2020 / 6:20 pm

    The teal bikini is my fav!!! I have to order that!

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