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I’m laying in the bed right now with a bad case of the vacation blues! My mom, AnnDrew and I just got back from an awesome vacation in Curaçao late last night. My mom and I decided to go on a vacation together every year. Last year we went to Puerto Rico. Originally, this trip was supposed to be a big family trip to the Bahamas but plans fell through due to damage there by Hurricane Matthew, so it turned into our annual girls trip.

This was AnnDrew’s second trip out of the country and she isn’t even 5 months old yet! Drew and I laugh about how she is going to be spoiled and will expect so much by her 16th birthday. We are definitely doomed! Lol!


Since we have traveled with her before, I felt like I was experienced so I wasn’t worried. I had all her sun and bug spray products, her fan, swimsuits, loads of wipes and diapers. I just knew I was prepared for anything. Until she had a mega blow out in her pants at JFK before we even got on the plane. I hurried to change her and then I realized I put her extra change of clothes in my checked bag. Good job Mel! So my mom washed her pants out in the sink and dried them in the hand dryer and we were off! Never forget the change of clothes!

AnnDrew's Beach products
AnnDrew’s Beach products

FYI to the traveling mamas – Our travel stroller is the best thing since sliced bread. It folds down with one click and fit perfectly in every overhead compartment on the plane and was easy to get around with. We took it everywhere with us. The stroller doesn’t really have any side support, so I put a car seat Snuzzler in her stroller so she felt more secure and wasn’t wobbling from side to side. I would definitely recommend the stroller and putting the car seat insert inside. Click here for the stroller deets.

Travel stroller

I absolutely fell in love with Curaçao while we were there. It is super pretty and the weather was amazing! It was 86 degrees and up everyday! They said it’s nice there all year round. We stayed at the Saint Tropez Apts & Suites, which was very swanky and modern. Our hotel was close enough to walk into town and to good restaurants. Across the street from us were two nice restaurants, Cristal and Kome. The food at those two restaurants were Dutch. Plasa Bieu was definitely the spot for good local food! It was in Old Market Place. I tore my food UP!! Maaaan, it was delicious. We were able walk to Plein Cafe in Wilhelmina, sit outside, eat and people watch. Everyone loves some good people watching every now and then, right?

Saint Tropez Hotel

Saint Tropez Hotel


We went to 3 beaches: Zanzibar, Mambo and Klein. You are able to get to Zanzibar and Mambo by car or bus but you need to set up a tour to visit Klein. We took a 2 hour boat ride to get to Klein and we spent the day there. Out of all the beaches we went to, Zanzibar was my favorite. It’s so beautiful! They have a good happy hour and live music, which we stayed and listened to all night.

Day trip to Klein Island

Mom and AnnDrew

AnnDrew is definitely a beach baby! She loved the water and was kicking her legs when we put her in. Picture me on the side screaming, “Mom, look she’s really swimming!!”. Lol YEP, that was me.

AnnDrew trying to Swim

AnnDrew's first swim

We also went to Sambil Mall and the Ostrich Farm. To us, the mall was just “ok”. To the people in Curaçao, it was a big deal to have a nice mall like that built there. The Ostrich Farm was a good time! AnnDrew didn’t know what to make of the roosters. Every time they would crow, her eyes would get big lol. We showed her all of the other animals at the farm. The gators, pigs, peacocks, roosters and iguanas but she didn’t know what was going on lol.

Ostrich Farm

Us Standing on Ostrich Eggs.

Mom at the Ostrich Farm

AnnDrew and the Ostrich

A lot of women ask me where I get my bathing suits from every time I take a trip. If you follow me on instagram you will know I have a large swimsuit collection and AnnDrew’s collection has officially started. I buy swimsuits throughout the year and I rationalize in my head by saying “You’ll never know when you’ll need this one” lol. For this trip, I got my swimsuits from Naked Wardrobe and Nordstrom. Most of AnnDrew’s swimsuits were from BabiesRUs and two were gifts. The brand of her suits are Koala Kids. When we had her in the water, we had a reusable Swim diaper on her which is from iPlay.

Beach Babe

Me and AnnDrew on Mambo Beach


AnnDrew poolside

Overall, our trip was very relaxing and a great time. Who wouldn’t love just sitting on the beach all day with a Piña Colada in hand (Virgin, because I’m still breastfeeding lol). I love to travel and I’m glad AnnDrew is going to be able to experience the world with us.

Mom and AnnDrew

Mom and AnnDrew

Beach Party at Zanzibar Beach

I knew our trip was officially over when we got to the airport, looked at the board and said it was 48 degrees in NYC! Noooooooo…… 🙂 Check out our pics and videos below! Click the links throughout the post for more information.









  1. Suzette
    June 7, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    My daughter is 5 months old and I want to take her on vacation at the end of July. I’m super nervous to fly with her and not sure about taking a flight over 3 hours (which really limits we can go). Plus people have been trying to talk me out of it. Reading this eased my mind a bit. If you have any other tips, I am in need!! Love this blog by the way! You’ve inspired me to go after my dreams of creating my own (in the works)…

    • Mel
      June 7, 2017 / 6:58 pm

      I am so glad it helped! I am big on continuing to live the life you led pre-kids! So, its perfect you are going on a trip 😉

      Also, congrats on stepping into the entrepreneur world!! Have you checked out my business network on melaniemarie.com?

      -Only pack the essentials. Don’t overpack because you will be overwhelmed with all of the stuff. You don’t need anymore stress.
      -Breastfeed or have the baby suck on a bottle for take off and landing. I also do this, she ends up falling asleep after breastfeeding on take off. Wear an easy on, easy off top.
      -Try to book a window seat. You will love that you can rest on the “wall” and get comfortable and you will have privacy.
      -Keep all of the toys the baby likes handy in case the baby is up.
      -Pack a plane bag with extra wipes, diapers, change of clothes, toys.
      -Bring a baby carrier for traveling through the airport.

      Hope those help!

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