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I know I am super late with my China trip recap but mama has been on the move! I knew I wanted to go to China months ago, to try and source new products and manufacturers and Guangzhou is the city for all of that. I spent 4 days in China and each day was packed with meeting new vendors or meetings with manufacturers. While I was there, the Canton Fair was going on. The Canton Fair is an import and export fair where buyers can attend to find new products they want to sell wholesale or meet new manufacturers to produce their products. I got to meet a lot of manufacturers and wholesale vendors.

While in China, I met so many great people and got a lot of nice new products to add to my website. I have decided to go back in August and if you would like to go, please email Jessica at I also have a friend in China that I can connect you with if you would like to go on your own. She can give you all of the details. I also put together a digital e-book of the vendors I met while out there. If you want to go to China on your own, you can arrange meetings with the contacts in my e-book.

Get the e-book here.


Vendor list is $750

List includes:

Clothing Vendors and Manufacturers

Fabric Vendors

Jewelry Vendors and Manufacturers

Swimwear Vendors and Manufacturers

Handbags Vendors

Hair & Cosmetics Vendors

Electronics & Phone Accessories Vendors

Shoe Vendors

Please enjoy some photos from my trip!

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