I love my silk pillowcases, which are 100% silk and are perfect for protecting your hair. Regular pillowcases can cause breakage and split ends. The silk keeps your hair smooth and shiny and prevent the breakage. The silk is also great on your skin because the fibers contain amino acids which are really important for the collagen in your skin and anti-aging. Silk doesn’t dry out your skin the way cotton does because it doesn’t absorb your natural oils. Sik is hypoallergenic and doesn’t harbor bacteria.

Cotton pillowcases and textured hair are not a healthy combination. Because it absorbs the essential oils needed to nourish your locks, this fabric actually leaves you prone to breakage. To maintain the health of your hair, opt for silky sleep aids instead. Silk and the more affordable satin keep hair from tangling because strands slide against the material, instead of attaching to it.

Shop some of my favorites below.

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