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So you want to get into the influencer world, huh? Influencer marketing is a hot marketing phenomenon that is growing each year. It has become a mainstream marketing tactic and is no longer limited to a select few brands or agencies. Almost every major industry has seen a rise in influencers. Brands are leveraging them now more than ever. Being an influencer is very lucrative and its no wonder multiple people want to be one in their own field.

I wanted to share some quick tips on how to break into the industry.

  • Use your personality and uniqueness to your advantage.

Brands love to see that you are unique and not like every other influencer. What sets you apart from everyone else? Your uniqueness is what you will use as your leverage. They want to see that you have built your own community in your niche and people look to you for ideas, suggestions and tips. That is what makes you an influencer.

  • Narrow down your demographic.

Who is your target market? This will help to know because you can reach certain brands with a specific demographic. For instance – if you always post hair videos and your audience loves them; most likely hair care lines will want to work with you.

  • Upgrade your content.

Make sure you are posting high quality imagery. When you work with brands, they will want your images, so the images need to be great quality. In order for brands to spend money on you, you will need to invest in yourself. Get a new camera or hire a photographer to capture your images.  Brands are not likely to work with someone that struggles to capture quality content. 

  • Treat it like a business.

I dedicate a lot of time into my blog and my social media. Brands notice and this is why they reach out. Once you begin to be serious about your brand, it will become a business and not a hobby. I make sure I post consistently. I push out high quality images because this is my business and I am serious about it. I have invested a lot into my brand. I have official EIN numbers, I file taxes and anything else needed to maintain a business.

  • Create a Media kit so you can gain sponsorships.

Create a branded email for brands to reach out to and list it on your website and social media pages. Make sure your media kit lists your analytics, ways to work with you, engagement rate, brands you’ve worked with in the past, information about you and monthly web traffic.

For more in – depth information, you can check out my E-Guide – How To Make Money Blogging. You can also check out some other e-guides here.

I hope these tips help!

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