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Who wouldn’t love a day full of good food, drinking champagne and fun with friends??! That is an exact description of The Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. I went with my best friend, Janel, and met up with a bunch of other friends throughout the day. People from all over the country and Canada, gathered together at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey to see and be seen. The event, hosted by the luxury champagne company, Veuve Clicquot, featured a polo match where Team Veuve Clicquot — led by world-renowned polo player Nacho Figueras — competed against Team Liberty Comets. It was a super fun day and I paid for all of the champagne drinking the next two days lol.

If you have never been and wanted to know some tips, here are the best ones I can offer:

  • Make sure you bring a big enough blanket to relax on.
  • If you want to bring snacks, make sure they are sealed. Open container food or food from home will be thrown out.
  • If you have a lot to bring, I recommend bringing a small rolling bag packed with everything to save yourself from lugging all of your stuff. After you get off the ferry, there is a bit of a walk and you don’t want to be struggling in the heat.
  • Ladies – pack comfortable shoes. If you want to be cute in your heels, just bring flats for the commute. Keep in mind you will be in the grass and those heels will be sinking in the dirt a bit lol.
  • Pack a lot of water (sealed water). It really hot when we were out there and mixing heat with drinking champagne – its a badddd mix lol trust me!
  • It pays to get there early. If you aren’t on that first ferry, you might not be able to get a good spot.
  • Pack portable phone chargers. You will be taking a lot of pics and you don’t want your battery to die.

Enjoy some of our pics from the event below.

Below are the deets on my dress. Click the photo to purchase. This dress was great because it is mesh, so it wasn’t too hot.



  1. Janice
    / 9:22 pm

    LOVE your photos! Can’t wait to go next year!

  2. Hope Jones
    / 9:57 pm

    Beautiful photos. Did you purchase the Vueve clicquot umbrellas and fans there ? Is the Rose Garden worth the money or will the early access suffice ? Thanks so much ! Your tips are extremely helpful.

    • Mel
      / 10:29 pm

      Please excuse my delayed response! I had fun in regular admission. I purchased the umbrella and fan there. 😉

  3. Yeme
    / 2:28 pm

    Hello, do you get access to the polo match itself with regular admission? Also, were all the celebrities in their own area as I might imagine? nhaha im thinking of going to the one here in Los Angeles in October

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