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We travel often and when we are on the plane, I am always looking for a seat that has a open seat next to it. I love when that happens because AnnDrew gets to have her own seat. Having a lap infant has its perks because you don’t have to buy a flight ticket for another person. Howeverrrrrr, a squirming toddler on your lap for a long period of time in tight quarters isn’t always fun. When I heard of Jetkids and the Bed Box, I was hype and had to have it. The team sent us a bed box to try on our trip to Paris, which is a 7 hour flight!


What is the Bed Box you ask?

A former captain for Norwegian Air and his wife, a specialist in children’s travel products, invented the Bed Box after noticing the difficulties of getting kids to sleep on the plane. Bless her heart lol! Bed Box is currently available with blue and red trim, the box itself is light grey. You can purchase from the manufacturer Jet Kids direct with shipping cost, or they have local distributors around the world. Inside the box is a mattress, rail guards and stickers for the kids to decorate their boxes. The Bed Box is surprisingly light and without anything other than the mattress in it, pretty easy to carry. I put a small blanket in there for her in case it gets cold on the plane, little snacks and some books/toys to keep her occupied.


The case includes a small handle that is attached, as well as a longer strap that can be used to pull it along, or attached to either end of the case as a carry strap. The long strap also doubles as the locking strap to attach the box to the bottom bar of the seat. This is important because it keeps the box in place.

The wheels work very easily. This bad boy glides along the floor!  Keep in mind there are no brakes lol Don’t let your kid roll away 😉 It is super easy to put together, but I practiced at home a few times to make sure I wasn’t going to hold people up on the plane. It easily fits stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat for take off, then after the seat belt sign comes off, you can pop it into action.

The lid comes off easily by pressing the two side buttons, then flips over to become a flat surface and the lid slides out to become the base for your kiddos legs.  You then roll out a thin mattress (provided) on top of the lid to make a bed.  The mattress comes with side flaps. Once your ‘bed’ is made your kid hops in then you put the blanket on with the seat belt over the top.

Watch this quick video on how it works!

I honestly love this and would recommend it for people traveling with children on long flights. Even if they don’t sleep the entire time, they still have a designated space just for them.

Get the box here. Check them out on instagram for more photos and videos of how it works.


Disclosure: We were provided with a Bed Box by Jet Kids for the purpose of conducting an honest review, we have not been paid for this and all opinions are our own


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    July 24, 2018 / 1:29 pm

    THIS is perfect!!!

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