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Late last night, we got back from an amazing trip to Paris, Versailles and London. I have been to these places before but I was extra excited to go this time because we were also going to the On The Run Tour II in Paris! My travel partners were my best friend Janel and AnnDrew. When Bey and Jay released the tour dates, we decided to get tickets to the Paris show and that’s where the idea for this adventure began. This was to be my best friend’s first time in Paris, so we came up with an itinerary to make sure we made the most of our time. We made sure we bought all museum tickets and made reservations in advance, so we weren’t out of luck when we arrived. We also saved a lot on transportation costs because we walked everywhere. Like literally everywhere! It was a great way to actually see the city. Paris was EXTRA LIT because Bastille Day was happening while we were there and France won the World Cup!! You already know it was crazy out there!! We did A LOT and had a blast doing it, so I will share our itinerary for those planning a trip!

Check out some of our outfit deets from our trip:



We got to our hotel in the early afternoon, so we had to quickly change and hit the road. We went to Trocadero steps to get a good view of the Eiffel, but it was packed so we walked through the streets and got some great shots. We also went to Champ de Mars (the park right under the Eiffel) and chilled there for a bit. After that, we went to our dinner reservation at Matignon. It was delicious and our drinks were great too! We walked around some more and went to the Arc de Triomphe. That night we went and sat under the Eiffel to watch it light up at night and it was perfect.


We purchased our tickets to the Lourve Museum for 9am before we got there to make sure we were the first group to get in. We didn’t feel like being in there while it was super packed. After the museum, we put our lock on the Pont des Arts bridge. We got our gold locks from a hardware store and brought them with us. They do have vendors out there selling locks, but you may end up spending more. AnnDrew loved writing on her lock and hanging it up. It was super cute. We had a 2pm reservation at L’Avenue.

This is a very popular restaurant and all of the celebs love to frequent there. And it was GOOD! We ended up lucking up and coming across a fair, so AnnDrew got to get on a bunch of rides and have a ball. We walked around after the fair through a local park and then headed to dinner. We ate at Ferdi. This is another popular spot and they make a meannnn burger and churros for dessert.  We went to Notre Dame today as well.  We ended up at the Eiffel again that night and had theee best time. There are vendors selling bottles of wine and beer out on the lawn, so you can get turnt while watching the tower light up. People were playing music and everyone was having a ball. That night was super fun! We made sure we packed a sheet, so we had something to chill on.



We purchased tickets to the Palace of Versailles in advance, so we avoided standing on an extremely long line waiting to get in. Nobody had time for that line lol. We took the train from Paris to Versailles and it was about a 25-30 minute train ride. The Hall of Mirrors is my favorite part of the Palace. AnnDrew was walking around with the Museum listening device like she knew what they were talking about lol. After we went through the Palace, we hung out in the Gardens and did #TheShiggy with the statues lol. Once we got back, we took it down because we had an early morning the next day…



To get to London from Paris, you can either take the train or a plane. We originally planned on taking a train buttttt tickets were OD, so we bought plane tickets. The plane right was a quick 30 something minutes and it was easy to get through the airport. We went to see Big Ben, The London Eye, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Sketch and other random sights. FYI- if you are planning on going to London and want to see Big Ben, it is under construction, so all you will see is ladders around it.  I read it will be under construction until 2021! We had tea at Sketch and it was everything I imagined – AWESOME and SUPER CUTE! If you plan on going there, make sure you make a reservation, especially for the pink velvet room. We also visited an art gallery, walked around London and got a mini tour in a cab. FYI- if you are traveling with a baby and you aren’t married, make sure you have a copy of the baby’s birth certificate. The UK does NOT play when it comes to children coming in/out without documentation.



Today was the concert, so we were excited all day!! We slept in as long as we could, because the traveling to London was a lot – especially with the baby. We woke up, got some food at a restaurant near our hotel and explored the town. Paris has a lot of parks, so we took AnnDrew (again 😉 ) so she can play. Once we got back, it was time to get ready to see BEY & JAY!! This day was also the World cup and France won, so the city was on fire. They had a live stream set up in the stadium, so the people can watch the game right before the concert which was all that! The concert was poppin!!! When the beat to Ape Shit dropped, I was hypeeeee! Here are some clips of the show.





The last dayyyy ughhh! We didn’t want it to end, but it went out with a bang. AnnDrew must’ve gotten a bit shaken up in the car and threw up in the uber. I panicked LOL Luckily he had leather seats and I had tons of wipes, so I was able to clean it up quick. I know the driver wanted to kill us, but I handled it. I wasn’t able to handle us walking around smelling like orange juice throw up, but hey it was all good lol! We took a boat ride on the Sienne River. It was an hour-long sightseeing tour through the city and was nice. After the tour, we went on a carousel ride and went back to Trocadero steps to see the Eiffel again.


It was a great trip and there are so many things to do, so you want to make sure you maximize your time wisely.  They eat dinner late there, so you don’t have to rush to eat. Some things we wanted to do, but didn’t get the chance to were:

  • Go by the Jardin de Luxembourg
  • Go eat at Caviar Kaspia
  • Bob Bob Richard restaurant in London
  • Elan’ Café in London
  • Go on a Gondola

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